Quality Policy

We aim for "100% customer satisfaction" by manufacturing high-precision products conforming to the needs of our customers.

Quality: We conduct in-process defect minimization activities in order to eliminate outflow defects.

Price: We contribute to our customer’s cost requirement through business improvement.

Delivery: We commit to each schedule in the process in order to meet the customer’s delivery date.

We conduct thorough self-inspections during each process as well as at the final inspection.

Through such self-assurance within the process, we strive to deliver products that are 100% reliable.

Additionally, we ensure consistent quality by sharing relevant information through our production management system, preventing recurrence of similar products and errors due to insufficient information.


In 2005, we obtained ISO9001 certification.

We have since been working to improve the quality of our products by enhancing our 3D measuring instruments, image measuring instruments, and other equipment, as well as improving our inspection techniques, and quality control system consistent with ISO standards.