The ever-changing needs of our customers demand even higher precision and quality in the shortest possible time. We are committed to providing high product quality, short delivery lead times, and competitive prices by utilizing our expertise and the most advanced equipment to meet every request we receive from our valued customers. Therefore, we would like to ask for your continued support and encouragement in our endeavours.
Hidenori Umeda, President and Representative Director

Business Philosophy

Creating “Fascinating” Products - Contributing to society through business-

What does it mean with Creating “Fascinating” Products? We transform ” Visual Factory” into “Attractive Factory” using our manufacturing management software F.P.I.sys, and we do this with sincerity and honesty. We hope that our customers are continuously pleased with using the products manufactured by our company. Through our products, we contribute to society… Our products are delivered to our customers with a “heart of gratitude” in mind, commiting to provide our customers with the best products available.

About Us

Reliable Technology and Advanced Equipment for Fascinating Product Creation

Umeda Kogyo averages more than 30,000 orders per month from a wide variety of customers. By maximizing the use of the latest equipment, we attain high quality in a broad range of machining fields. Our customers can rest assured that we can flexibly handle everything from one-off prototypes to mass production. We are also committed to providing prompt delivery and express orders, constantly striving to be a manufacturer that satisfies our customers in terms of quality and delivery time.