Our Business

Umeda Kogyo is engaged in a wide range of metalworking operations, with a focus on precision sheet metal fabrication.

For about half a century, we have been manufacturing a wide variety of products in the fields of semiconductors, industrial equipment, and in-vehicle equipment, where high quality and high precision are required. 
By combining our accumulated know-how with the latest equipment and information systems, we can propose optimal manufacturing methods that meet the needs of our customers and deliver reliable products.




System Development





System Development

A Work Structure Which Follows the Development of Times

Today, manufacturing industry is accelerating the trend toward shorter delivery times and smaller lots. We receive approximately 4,000 orders (30,000 items) monthly from various customers, and nearly 10% of these orders are for express products to be delivered within one week of receiving the order. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have established a system which enables us to always respond promptly by keeping up to date with the introduction of the latest equipment, sharing our manufacturing expertise, and improving efficiency through our self-developed management system.

  1. Equipment with The Most Advanced Technology Improves Work Efficiency and Safety
    The most advanced equipment has been implemented to improve quality and shorten processing time. Work safety has also been enhanced through the automation of various processes. Additionally, not only are we able to process a variety of materials and sheet sizes, we are also contributing to more efficient use of materials and reduced costs through better yields by sharing the use of web widths and other technologies.
  2. Reducing Waste by Sharing and Archiving Manufacturing Know-How
    By centralizing control through manufacturing operation and management system, knowledge and know-how are shared and passed on within the company. The optimal operation is always performed, resulting in shorter setup and processing times.
  3. A Flexible Production Control System Tailored to Your Needs
    “We visualize the workload and promote efficient work planning as well as prompt express responses. This shortens the time from order receipt to start of production. We are also implementing efficient operations through automated inventory replenishment and collective production for small-lot production.”
Upgrade History
2005 Trumpf TRUMATIC L3030 【 Tower Master Automatic System】
ROTORUS (Individual Pipe Processing) Added
2007 Trumpf TruBend5130
2007 Trumpf Trumatic6000(Full Equipment)
2012 Amada Fiber laser welding machine FLW4000M3
2014 Tokyo Seimitsu 3D measuring machine
2014 Trumpf TRUMATIC 6000 Fiber (Punch & Laser Combination Machine)
ROTORUS (Individual Pipe Processing) Added
2014 Amada Bending machine HG1003ATC
2016 Amada Bending machine HG8025
ROTORUS (Individual Pipe Processing) Added
2017 Amada Laser machine FO-MⅡ RI3015
2020 Amada Fully automatic bending system EG6013AR

Processable Sizes

➦ TruMatic L3030

Processing range X axis:3000mm Y axis:1500mm Z axis:115mm
Processing length (pipe) 150mm ~ 3000mm
Processing thickness (pipe) Stainless steel : 0.3 ~ 4.0mm
Aluminum   : 0.4 ~ 3.0mm
Mild steel   : 0.4 ~ 10.0mm
Processing thickness (pipe) Stainless steel : 0.3 ~ 4.0mm
Aluminum   : 0.4 ~ 3.0mm
Mild steel   : 0.4 ~ 10.0mm

➦ FLW4000

Processing range X axis:1800mm Y axis:4000mm Z axis:1300mm
Processing sheet thickness Steel     : 6mm
Stainless  : 6mm
Alumunium   : 4mm

➦ TruBend5130

Processing range Up to 3230mm
Sheet Thickness Stainless : 0.8 ~ 8.0mm
Alumunium   : 0.8 ~ 6.0mm
Mild Steel    : 0.8 ~ 9.0mm

➦ HG-1003ATC

Pressurization range Bending length    : 3110mm
Stroke length : 250mm

➦ TruMatic 6000 fiber

Pressurization range 2500mm × 1250mm
Max. sheet thickness 6.4mm

➦ FO-MⅡ RI3015

Pressurization range 3070mm × 1550mm × 200mm
Max. sheet thickness Mild steel : 22mm
Stainless steel sheet : 12mm
Pipe processing range Round pipe : 19 ~ 220mm
Square pipe : 19 ~ 150mm
Angled pipe : 19 ~ 90mm
Channeled pipe : 19 ~ 150mm

➦ EG 6013AR

Processing range 300mm×300mm
Processing sheet thickness 0.5mm~2.5mm