Summation Method

[vc_custom_heading text=”Cost estimation statement by summation method.
Example to produce cost estimation statement
by using Donburikun” use_theme_fonts=”yes” el_class=”title”]
[anps_list class=”default”][list_item]The cost of raw material, the cost of outgoing order to subcontract, other material cost, production cost for each process and management cost are set up in the statement of cost estimation.[/list_item][list_item]Although the amount of items ordered is changed, new statement of cost estimation can be produced within a minute. In other words, a lot of comfortable functions to produce statement of cost estimation are included in this software.[/list_item][list_item]金額・数量・割合等、設定項目は常に自動計算されますので、入力しながら金額や時間の検討検証・修正が可能です。[/list_item][/anps_list]
[anps_list class=”default”][list_item]見積内容を基にから損益分析グラフを自動作成できますので、損益分析点を基に効果的な営業が期待できます。[/list_item][/anps_list]