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I. Subject

  • Registration of master of products
  • Updating master of products
  • Inquiry about products in inventory
  • Copy production processes registered before to new products
  • Copy whole propertied of old product to new products
  • Automatic registration of production processes for each product
  • Updating product code
  • Management of product in inventory
    • Inputting adjustment of inventory
    • List of adjustment of inventory
    • Deleting bill containing adjustment of inventory

II. Screen Sample

Registration of products

The above screen displays management of product master. Different kinds of information for each product should be managed well. On this screen, we can input necessary information such as basic information about product, information about production processes, related raw material information, management cost, raw material cost and outsourcing cost.

Therefore, we can calculate production cost for each product. If the information about products and inventory are changed, changes are registered to the history of changes and master data are updated automatically. In this way, we can manage master of products well.