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I. Bulletin Board/Entering information during production processes

[anps_list class=”default”][list_item]The Bulletin board always displays the list of urgent information about products whose delivery date is brought forward and activities inside an industry. It provides a way to contact with workers in real time. In addition, the functions frequently used by office and plant site are made as shortcut keys and they can be displayed on the bulletin board.[/list_item][list_item]According to the data input by workers during production processes, production progress can be checked and production cost can be calculated. Moreover, data input can be made easily and quickly by using bar code. In addition, data input by using bar code are exact.[/list_item][list_item]You can answer inquiries from customers about the confirmation of delivery date although you are not a responsible sale person for this customer by checking the progress of production for this product. This is because necessary information can be searched easily by entering the product code (drawing Number) or order number used inside the industry or order number from a customer to this system.[/list_item][/anps_list]

II. Plant management

[anps_list class=”default”][list_item]Moving onto plant management, we can pick up information that describes which product is later than a plan and which product takes time in which production process.[/list_item][list_item]We can grasp information about products which needs outsourcing to order them to an outsider in advance and products which needs to be started inspection for quality control to keep delivery dates.[/list_item][/anps_list]

III. Management of customer orders

[anps_list class=”default”][list_item]Concerning with customer orders, this system supports whole factory operations starting from receipt customer orders to sales. For example, after receiving customers orders, F.P.I system provides production guidelines for ordered products for production and statement of delivery for delivery process automatically.[/list_item][list_item]Moving onto data analysis, there are various analysis functions from various points of view for example analysis of customer orders, analysis of remaining orders and analysis of amount of sales. Moreover, hard copy and soft copy of all information needed to be effective in production management are easily available in F.P.I system.[/list_item][list_item]Orders from customers can also be received to F.P.I system by using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Value Added Network (VAN). There is no input error by using them and a computer can make automatic data exchange. According to VAN function in F.P.I system, production guidelines for these orders are printed automatically after the orders have been accepted.[/list_item][/anps_list]

IV. Management of products

[anps_list class=”default”][list_item]Product information such as its customer name, unit price, product name etc. and the production information about this product such as production processes, time needed, outsourcing needed, raw material needed and assemblies needed etc. can be managed in this master function.[/list_item][list_item]When the products have been registered, the information of products and production processes are also registered automatically because of the function of automatic registration of production processes.[/list_item][list_item]Moving onto inventory management, inventory control is made in real time and inventory stock can be updated and inquired by using the function of inventory history.[/list_item][list_item]As employees can input memo data freely during production processes, production memo and detailed memo are saved as production information. According to this function, employees can share their production experiences and knowledge efficiently to improve the level of manufacturing.[/list_item][/anps_list]

V. Raw Material Management

[anps_list class=”default”][list_item]In this function, a sequence beginning from ordering to purchasing raw materials and raw material inventory control are contained. In addition, raw material information such as name, unit price and suppliers of raw materials can be registered.[/list_item][list_item]We can calculate when we should order raw materials by scanning the used amount of raw material for each product, a unit price of each supplier and time when raw material is needed.[/list_item][list_item]Raw materials can be ordered easily with suitable amount at suitable time as F.P.I system can calculate required amount of necessary raw materials after orders from customers are received.[/list_item][list_item]We can find which stock is not enough, how much amount of stock exists in the warehouse, the amount of stock having ordered and the amount of spare-stock at the moment at a glance.[/list_item][/anps_list]

VI. Management of office work

[anps_list class=”default”][list_item]

  • In management of outsourcing, processes such as providing ordering slip to sub contractor, accepting and inspection of stock are carried out. Moreover, the progress condition of products to sub contractors can also be found.

[/list_item][list_item]How much cost has been spent and how much profit can be got from each product can be seen clearly as the cost of outsourcing, production cost and raw material cost for each product for each customer are available clearly.[/list_item][list_item]Billing and payment statement can be printed very easily.[/list_item][/anps_list]

VII. Master management

[anps_list class=”default”][list_item]In management of ordering, the sequence beginning from the output of ordering slip, the acceptance and inspection of outside orders are carried out. Moreover, the progress condition of the outgoing products to sub contractors can also be found.[/list_item][list_item]If output data from the system being used are available in CSV, TXT, they can be transported to F.P.I after making necessary changes.[/list_item][/anps_list]

VIII. Environmental Management

[anps_list class=”default”][list_item]In this management, basic system management such as setting working hour, setting holiday, setting working days, setting file for input and output data, etc.[/list_item][list_item]If the address and company name are changed, we don’t need to change them in each program. We can solve this problem by changing the master data. As soon as the master data is changed, corrected data is appeared on the output for example billing statement.