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March 1947 Started business for designing, manufacturing and sales of motor electrical transformer
June 1956 Started manufacturing pressed accessories
July 1957 Establishment of Umeda manufacturing with capital of 600,000 Yen, Started sheet metal manufacturing
September 1957 Started pressed metal- pattern manufacturing
August 1970 Capital is increased to 1,200,000 Yen
October 1973 Capital is increased to 5,000,000 Yen
June 1974 Organization changed to Umeda Kogyo Company Limited
May 1981 Industry was built in Gyoda, Expansion of organization
September 1983 Capital is increased to 10,000,000 Yen
May 1984 Bought ground for a new industry
March 1989 Finished the new industry
April 1995 Development of Production Management System
June 1995 Founded PT. UMEDAKOGYO INDONESIA with capital of 500,000 US $
June 1996 Establishment of manufacturing in Indonesia factory
July 1998 Being recognized as small and medium sized manufacturing company
March 1999 Received investment from foundations of Saitama Prefecture which aimed to promote creative companies
March 1999 Received investment from Bugin Capital Company Limited
October 2000 Capital of Indonesia factory is increased to 1,100,000 US $
June 2001 The total area of factory in Indonesia is expanded to 4,898 square meters
September 2001 Capital is increased to 50,000,000 Yen
August 2004 Establishment of branch industry (II). Moving metal pattern and machining section
January 2006 Microsoft Incubation Program selected Umeda Kogyo as an elected business partner
October 2006 Acquisition of ISO9001 Certificate
january 2007 Microsoft Incubation Program selected Umeda Kogyo as an elected business partner for two consecutive years
March 2007 Acquisition of ISO14001Certifiate
June 2007 Participated in the promotion of ecology
November 2008 Indonesia Industry is expanded to 16,781 square meters in total area and 12,802 square meters in building