Company Guidance

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Umeda Kogyo is famous for its advanced knowledge, technology which can be used internationally, perfect facilities and support to employees’ training. F.P.I. Sys. (Factory Production Information System), the manufacturing management system, is a special feature of Umeda Kogyo Company Limited. This system has been developed by Umeda Kogyo Company Limited not only to use inside Umeda Kogyo but also to sell it to other manufacturing companies. High quality F.P.I. system is available with reasonable price within short time. Umeda Kogyo Company Limited is supporting the flow of manufacturing and employees’ training by using the information system. We hope our technology can contribute to Japan which is well known for its manufacturing.

President and Representative Director
Hidenori Umeda


Umeda Kogyo produces high quality products with reasonable price by using high technology.
We support the community with our manufacturing products which are safe, reliable and can be trusted.

Umeda Kogyo is trying to protect our green environment during its productions of pressed metal, metal pattern and sheet metal. We aim to contribute our community by taking part in environmental activities.
According to the saying ‘Don’t make the earth dirty in order to give the earth with the same condition to the next generation’, we are paying attention to protect our environment from various points of view. We are trying to protect the environment to our best.

We get over 4,000 orders of 300,000 items per month. We are using new facilities to produce high quality products. Because of our advanced management system used in the production processes, customers are satisfied with our products. We produce various metal products such as small metals, trial metal, car spare parts, etc. We are reliable to get good quality products within limited time especially for urgent products as we are using in-time inventory management system. We would be grateful if you would discuss about your necessary products.