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Receiving orders from customers in production management system F.P.I. System
  1. Subject
    • Registration and development of orders from customers
    • Change of the number of products for provision
      • Confirmation of the number of products for provision
      • Change of the number of products for provision
      • Displaying information about the development of orders received from customers
    • Management of production processes
    • Related statement of production instruction
      • Issue of production instruction (provided format)
      • Confirmation of production instruction (unissued)
      • Issue of instruction for main parts
      • Output of list of assembly parts
      • Issue of instruction for assembly parts
    • Repeated development of production process for customer order
    • Inquiry/ edition/ deleting of customer orders
    • The amount of sales for delivered products
      • Inputting the amount of sales for products delivered
      • Displaying history of sales for products delivered
      • Printing temporary delivery statement
      • Displaying/ Editing/ Deleting temporary delivery statement
    • Analysis of the amount of sales for customer orders received
      • Printing basic amount of sales for order received based on the date of order received
      •  Printing basic amount of sales for order received based on appointed delivery date
      • Printing the amount of sales between specified date for each customer
      • Printing the amount of sales for each customer for each month
      • Printing total amount of sales for specified month for each customer
    • Searching of the remaining receiving order
      • Searching orders undelivered
      • Printing appointed date of delivery for each customer order
    • Printing table of plan
    • Deleting performance data for the development of orders from customers

  2. Sample of Screen/form

    1. Screen to input receiving order
      • " This screen is used when customer orders are received in F.P.I system. Order information containing at least 6 items from customers should be entered. According to this information, the development of production, the statement of production instruction, the issue of the provision statement and the instruction for provision of products and material at stock are carried out automatically.

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    2. Statement of production instruction
      • According to the customer order received, production instruction as shown in the above figure is developed and it will be used throughout production processes. Production instruction together with drawing plan are printed if drawing plan is saved. Therefore we can reduce the work of searching and copying drawing plan manually. In this way, we can produce production instruction within very short time. In this production instruction, information needed at production site such as the information about raw materials and the appointed date of delivery for each production process. In addition, memos of production processes are displayed on this screen and this memo will help to improve the quality of products.

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    3. Delivery statement/ management of delivery
      • When delivering goods to customers who don't possess determined delivery statement, the form shown above can be used. There exist a lot of functions to solve different kinds of office problems concerning with billing statement like function to print temporary delivery statement, function to prevent omission of amount of sales in billing statement when they are delivered with temporary delivery statement, ect... A list of customer orders undelivered are searched by entering various  items in order to prevent billing statement error.

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    4. Screen showing the amount of sales

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    5. Form showing the analysis of profit for each customer
      • The above table shows the amount of profit for each customer. This table contains detailed information such as details about customer orders and amount of sales for each customer, cost of raw material, cost of outsourcing, cost of production processes and unit price of raw material. Analysis of  total cost and profit are made by using these data. These data can be referred for setting manufacturing objective and management strategy in the future. Finally, managers and sales people can analyze detailed sales and profit condition.

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